Etsy SEO – How I’ve reached 4000 Sales

Recently I reached 4000 sales in my Etsy Store, wahay! I opened my shop in 2013 but I didn’t actually add any products until 2014 but I am so glad I did. It has been an incredible experience but the learning curve has been very steep. I finally feel I am starting to get somewhere so thought I would share my snippets of knowledge with you about how I’ve managed to get sales.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and the bits of information I am sharing relate specifically to Etsy search. I have only recently started to improve my listings following this method but I have already noticed a dramatic increase in my stats. These are my tips for improving SEO in your Etsy shop:

TITLES: These should include a key description of your item first, then follow it with other key phrases remembering to keep them relevant. You can use dashes or commas to separate your phrases but always add a space after any punctuation. Key phrases are what your customers are likely to be searching for so avoid anything quirky or arty (at least at the beginning of the titles).

DESCRIPTIONS: The key phrases included in the titles should also be in descriptions. A description should be well written in proper sentences; avoid just lists of key words. Again, the beginning of the description holds the most value so try to fit as much as you can in the first couple of sentences

TAGS: The order of the tags is irrelevant but it is important to use ALL 13 tags! You need to add in the primary key phrases from the titles and the secondary key phrases from the description. There is a character limit so you may have to split long phrases over two tags. Avoid single word tags unless it is something obscure and crucial to the listing. Multi word phrases are the best. If you run out of tag ideas then you can always add your shop name as one.


  • Include links to other relevant items in your shop to promote add on sales. I find the neatest way to do this is to use to shorten your links.
  • Or link to a shop category or even your whole shop!
  • Use all 5 photos if you can. This could include various product shops, a close-up, a lifestyle shop and even the packaging. If you run out of ideas then why not add a ‘call to action’ graphic, maybe suggest that people favourite your item?
  • Avoid photos with watermarks, Etsy and other marketing platforms are unlikely to promote you if you have your name or logo across your images. Instead choose to style your photos to suit your brand.

If you already have a shop then I recommend starting to have a look through your listings to see how you can improve them, try not to do it all at once as it can be really daunting but do a couple a day, maybe work on ones that already have some exposure and try to increase it? If you don’t already have an Etsy shop but want to get started, here is a link for 40 FREE LISTINGS:






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