2017 Started with a Bang!

I last posted at the end of November, I actually thought it was much longer because I seem to have been so busy! The New Year has got off to an excellent start, lots of you must have had resolutions to get organised as my Etsy shop and my website have been pinging away with notifications. I took a few days off over Christmas but it didn’t take long to get restless and want to get back to it.

If you are in retail then you will know that there are some key dates in the calendar to prepare for and the first one of the year is Valentine’s. This year I have tried to be organised and have listed lots of new stamp designs but I’ve also introduced a few card designs. I’m not a lovey-dovey person to I try to create cards that I would be happy to give or receive myself, I hope you like them too. If you want the mushy stuff then there are plenty of other designers to choose from and I won’t be offended!

I’m trying really hard to remain consistent with my styling, I’ve been experimenting far too long. I like simple and I like Kraft card so all my designs are on square kraft cards with black ink, the twist is that the illustrations will all be hand-stamped as that is the USP of Clarise Crafts!

Most of you know me as the crazy stamping lady so I have a few new pre-made designs to show you as well as keeping some of the old favourites, the good thing about the majority of the stamps is that they can be used for other events such as weddings, anniversaries or engagements too. Find the Valentines stamp range here.


Finally, I have some exciting news but I’m planning a separate blog post about that later in the week so make sure you subscribe or bookmark my blog!

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