Etsy Resolution 2017

I promised a blog post about some exciting news and this is it: I will be joining this year’s Etsy Resolution as a mentor! I’m very excited about this opportunity and so grateful that Etsy UK have put their faith in me.

If you have not heard of Etsy Resolution, it is an online education and support programme to help you set up your Etsy shop. It is mainly geared towards brand new sellers but even if you are not a newbie then you might pick up some useful tips along the way. It will be run through a series of emails over 3 weeks plus the added bonus of a dedicated Facebook group with a different mentor available each week to share their own area of expertise.

Left to right: Alyssa, Ajeet (Etsy Admin), Monica, Jilly

At this stage I can’t give away too much but as a general overview the first email will go out on 30th January so make sure you sign up before then: The Facebook group is due to go live a few days before.

Week one will be supported by Monica of Handmade by Monica and is all about Opening Your Shop and Creating Your First Listing. Week two is Improving Your Photography with Jilly of JillyJilly and finally week three is where I, Alyssa of Clarise Crafts will be on hand to help you with your marketing and social media questions.

I’m really looking forward to helping you make a start on Etsy and I can’t wait to get chatting to everyone! Don’t forget to sign up using the link above. If you are not a new seller but are looking to improve your shop, please take a look at my blog post on How I reached 4000 Sales on Etsy.



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