My 2017 Goals

I’ll be the first to admit I am not really a fan of new year resolutions. It is almost like you are setting yourself up to fail. However, I think as a small business it is almost impossible to muddle through without setting goals, so far my ideas have been a mix of personal and business related and as yet I have not formally written them down so here goes.

Goal 1: You are what you eat.

I’ve always had a keen interest in nutrition and how it affects the body but last year I really slipped. As well as a number of food intolerances, I also have arthritis so I did research into the kind of healthy eating regime I should stick to and so far it is going well. I’ve cut out dairy, cut back on meat, refined sugar and processed foods. I’ve bumped up my fish intake, nuts and seeds as well as a wide variety of veg. It has really helped my overall wellbeing and I have discovered I am enjoying my food so much more. Here are a few sample lunches I’ve had recently, working from home really helps!

Goal 2: Experiences rather than ‘stuff’.

It is a bit of a cliche but reading the Marie Kondo book on decluttering has changed my life. I was never really a hoarder but it has helped me get rid of stuff that was filling my cupboards and my mind. It reminded me to focus on experiences rather than material items. Stuff rarely brings us joy. I’ve started to be much happier planning trips away with the OH for gifts to each other instead. Try it!

Goal 3: Consistent product photography

In the past I have occasionally taken a photo that I was pleased with but it was more by luck than judgement. My photos have generally got better over time but the massive difference has been in the last few weeks. I’m still taking photos with an iphone on my coffee table but the way I approach it has been different and assuming there is adequate lighting I am confident that I can take some good shots. I’ve been experimenting with photo editing apps too. This is one I took earlier today.


Goal 4: Embrace new technologies.

Stepping out of the comfort zone I plan to utilise the latest technology available to connect with my social media following. This will likely involve video, maybe even boomerang and Facebook live. I also need to figure out Instagram stories! Please send help…

Goal 5: Take a step back and relax.

When you run a business by yourself and have to wear many hats it can be very difficult to switch off. I’m often checking notifications and responding to email laid in bed at night. That is not conducive to a restful night’s sleep. I’m trying my best to leave my phone in another room on an evening so I can sit and relax with dinner or do a bit of reading or cross stitch. Maybe I’ve lost out on some sales but I think my sanity is more important. Thinking longer term I also want to be able to switch off for longer periods without feeling guilty so I can have a few trips away with my partner. This year we are thinking of Iceland, Wales and Portugal! It is currently a work in progress though…

Please feel free to get in touch with any  comments, maybe you have set your own personal or business goals? Let me know how you are getting on with them!


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