Charity begins at home…

As the saying goes “charity begins at home’ and for this reason I am choosing to support two local charities in 2017 and I’m not posting to get a pat on the back but to raise awareness of these organisations that do such great work. I’m very selective about the charities I believe in and prefer to help the smaller ones which generally have lower admin costs and more of the money goes directly to those in need. This is a tradition I intend to carry on each year and I plan to support at least two, ideally a people charity and an animal charity.


First up is Simon on Streets, a Leeds based organisation focused on the homeless. I don’t think that anyone should be without a roof over their heads and think the work they do is vital in providing the emotion support as well as practical activities. I heard about this charity at last years Etsy Made Local fair run by Etsy Team Leeds as I offered to man the gift wrap station for a few hours and donations for this service went to Simon on the Streets. You can find more about them at:


The animal charity I chose is Yorkshire Cat Rescue, as a big animal lover I cannot understand how people can mistreat animals and I am fully in support of those that dedicate their time to caring for those that cannot fend for themselves. Read more about the rescue at:

Feel free to let me know in the comments the charities you support!

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