1 Minute Product Photography Trick

This trick really is super-easy and one you probably already have the supplies at home to use. I learnt about this trick from watching a vlog by Chloe (By The Lock) You can see her YouTube channel here. It is perfect for if you are wanting to photograph small objects using natural lighting only and is especially good for flatlays.


All you need is a large piece of thick card (or a few sheets stuck together) and tinfoil. Simply fold the tinfoil around the card, you can stick it down if you want but I left it loose so I can unfold the excess to make it larger. Voila, you have created a LIGHT REFLECTOR.

To use the light reflector just hold it up at the opposite side to the light source and the light will bounce back reducing any harsh shadows on the edge. Here is an example showing with and without the reflector, I have not edited these photos, they are just shot with my iphone and the light through a North facing window.

I’ll admit that my photos are not amazing but this simple trick has really helped improve the shadow issues I was struggling with so why not give it a try and see what you think?

2017-04-18 18.30.16

Final photo post-editing. (basically I brightened it!)

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