What I’m reading…

I recently joined an online book club, I liked the idea of it as there was no pressure to read a book I really didn’t want to and it was a very slow pace. I’m quite a speedy reader but finding time when my eyes are not too tired to read after a day looking at the screen can be quite tricky!  The book club suggestion for April was Just Kids by Patti Smith and I read it in about a week so it inspired me to get back into reading more….

…so I thought I would share a quite run down on what I am dipping in and out of at the moment.

I recently read Emily Ley’s Grace Not Perfection and enjoyed it’s uplifting messages so I immediately went online to track down something similar. I came across Elizabeth Gilbert- Big Magic and purchased it on impulse. Not realising at the time of ordering it is the same author as Eat, Pray, Love (which I havn’t read). The premise of the book is good but I’ll be honest and say I’m struggling with it a bit as it’s quite repetitive now I’m over half way, I’ll see how it goes.

2017-04-25 09.49.14

Next up is a charity shop find from last weekend Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. As a bit of a grammar stickler I have been meaning to read this for a few years and when I saw it for 50p I couldn’t say no. The cover was a bit grimy so I removed it to see the lovely black cover with gold writing on the spine. Only a little way in but so far it has caught my attention, it is only a short one so think I’ll whizz through this one.

2017-04-25 09.44.24

Reading doesn’t just have to be about novels, I recently discovered Flow Magazine and purchased the latest issue (17) as well as a tonne of back issues from their website! The articles are so beautifully written and the magazine itself is a work of art, it is quite pricy at over £10 but it is worth it when you consider what you get inside. I’m taking my time and enjoying mindfulness whilst reading these.

2017-04-25 09.45.49

Another non-book is this audio book I have on the go, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Dr Yuval Noah Harari. It is quite a beast of a book; so far I’m about 2/3rds and still have over 9 hours to go! I love social history and this fulfils my need to continue learning. I would recommend it but as it is such a long book, an audio book is a good option if time is limited as you can listen whilst commuting/ at work/ doing chores etc.

2017-04-25 10.31.38

As a treat I purchased a new release this week Cows by Dawn O’Porter. I havn’t started this yet and will wait until I finish one of the above but it has great reviews. Has anyone read it? Or have you read anything else you’d like to share? Leave me a comment and we can have our own mini book club!

2017-04-25 09.44.50




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