Brand Brilliance Book Launch

As a huge fan of Fiona Humberstone’s self published book ‘How To Style Your Brand‘ I was excitedly following her journey as she created and published her second book less than 18 months later.

The new book is called Brand Brilliance and my copy arrived last weekend but I resisted looking into it until I could read uninterrupted. I managed to make a good start on the train journey down to London and I can already see why it is a best seller!

I accepted an invitation to attend the launch party and despite it being a rather long round trip (over 6 hours) I thought it was worth it to get an opportunity to meet Fiona (The Brand Stylist) as well as a room of other creative entrepreneurs. I chatted to some interesting people, soaked in the atmosphere and got my copy of the book signed of course. There was even an opportunity to wrap it in some beautiful papers.

The event itself was held at the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn and it was such a fabulous setting. As I was there early I got to spend some time in the very busy bar and lobby area beforehand trying to calm my nerves with a Merlot! It gave me a a tiny shred of confidence to approach a lady I recognised who turned out to be Rona of Flowerona. It meant I didn’t have to go into the room on my own.

The book itself will likely get it’s own review post but so far I can confirm that I am already hooked. It is full of beautiful inspiring photography and the tone of the book is professional but informal at the same time. It reminds me of having a conversation with a mentor. For anyone who is involved in the creative industry or is keen to find ways to perfect their own brand look and values than I wholeheartedly recommend this book. Just the beautiful texture cover and metallic foiled lettering alone is enough to shout ‘take my money!’

In the Q&A session at the launch, Fiona hinted at a follow up so I will be awaiting news of that and I will look forward to following the journey again from start to finish.

2017-05-18 16.47.06


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