My Cruelty-Free Make Up Bag

Today I want to talk about something a bit different to usual. Recently I started looking into cruelty-free make up. For some reason, despite being an animal lover it is something that I was completely ignorant of; I suppose I assumed that in 2017 we weren’t still rubbing chemicals into bunnies eyes but I was really really wrong. Once I started investigating further it became quite obvious how many everyday brands still test on animals and I made it my mission to become a conscious shopper.

I began testing out some recommended brands and slowly but surely my make up bag is now almost completely cruelty-free. My two favourite brands appear to have become The Body Shop and Barry M as they are readily available on the high street and also very affordable. Only recently has The Body Shop detached itself from it’s parent company L’Oreal who still test on animals and I’m so glad they have as I have been pleasantly surprised by their make up selection.

Here is a little delve into my current make up bag which is handmade by Chloe of By The Lock Handmade and you can see her Etsy Shop here.

2017-08-01 17.46.06

I’ll list the contents in order of how I apply my make up. I use almost all these items every day whether I leave the house or not! I do not use a moisturiser or a cleanser, just warm water to wash and I have completely clear skin now after suffering with severe adult acne for a couple of years.

  1. Instablur, The Body Shop – It’s a bit hard to get used to but it does it’s job as a primer, it’s not as silky as my previous one from Benefit.
  2. Concealer All in One, The Body Shop – I use shade 00 as I am pale but will pink undertones and it provides good coverage for under my eyes without being cakey.
  3. Fresh Nude Foundation, The Body Shop – This is a light and silky foundation and again the shade 015 is a pink undertone. Last time I accidentally bought 012 which looked the same in the shop but didn’t look as natural as I wanted when on my face. I would say it is a medium coverage and I found it difficult to get used to at first as for years I had been using a very full coverage foundation. It does look very natural which I think is the most important attribute.
  4. Loose Face Powder, The Body Shop – I prefer the matt look so I use a loose powder and this is one is proving good so far.
  5. Shimmer Waves, The Body Shop – I wasn’t certain if this was supposed to be blusher or eyeshadow when I bought it as it is in both sections so I use it for both. It is not very pigmented so only just for a natural hint of warm colour.
  6. Illuminating Highlight Palette, Barry M – I like the idea of this but in reality it is a little on the powdery side. It is however cheap so I mainly use the lightest shade and pretend I know what contouring is.
  7. Thin Felt Eyeliner, The Body Shop – I’ll admit that up until a month ago I had never used eyeliner but I got this one free at an event and I’m starting to get the hang of it now and I like the effect. I only make the effort to use this if I actually leave the house though!
  8. Showgirl Mascara, Barry M – This is not too heavy, thick or clumpy, it is simply darkening and lengthening which I like. I already have quite long lashes so don’t need to go too crazy. I find the quality of this is pretty much the same as more expensive brands so I would recommend it if you want to save a few pennies.
  9. Matt Me Up, Barry M – This is a recent purchase but I love it! It is called 24 carat and I didn’t understand how it could be metallic and matt at the same time but it is and I love it because it is so unusual. It comes with a lip liner in the kit too.
  10. Brushes Various, The Body Shop – I used to use the Boot’s Organic make up brushes but they were looking a bit tired so I purchased these ones from The Body Shop and so far I’m quite impressed, especially with the stipling foundation one, it gives much more even coverage.

2017-08-01 17.45.18

Hopefully you enjoyed this look behind the scenes of my face and that is encourages you to think about buying cruelty-free if you don’t already. There are plenty more brands out there, you just have to look for the leaping bunny logo which you can find out more about here:

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