Homemade Protein Balls

I love cooking and baking, especially when I can experiment and create my own delicious treats. Recently I’ve seen a few recipes for protein balls but every attempt had been a little unsuccessful either in texture or flavour but I didn’t give in.

This is my take on protein snack balls that are refined sugar free, wheat free and also dairy free. I can confirm they are also really tasty and enough to satisfy a sweet craving.

My ingredient quantities are a bit vague as I wasn’t really measuring as I went along, I just did it until it was right. The ratio is 2 parts oats to 1 part dates and 1 part fat/liquid (2:1:1). I also made two flavour variations.

Cocoa Balls


Oats, raw cacao powder (or cocoa), pitted dates, dairy free spread, dairy free chocolate spread (or Nutella), chopped hazelnuts.

Soak the dates in boiling water for 10 minutes until soft, remove stones if they have them. Blitz in a food processor.

Melt the spread and dairy-free chocolate spread in a small pan until runny.

Put the oats in a bowl and mix in a generous amount of chopped hazelnuts. Then stir in the chocolate mixture and the dates until it binds.

As it cools you will be able to take a small amount and roll it into a ball amount the size of a £2 coin. You can powder your hands with cocoa to stop it sticking.

Place on a tray to cool then transfer to a container to store in the fridge.

Peanut Butter Balls

Oats, smooth peanut butter, pitted dates, dairy free spread, vanilla extract.


The method is the same as the cocoa balls, except you melt the peanut butter with the dairy free spread. Then add a couple drops of vanilla extract. This mixture will be less sticky so you shouldn’t need to powder your hands.

I can’t wait to make up more batches of these to keep in the fridge for when I’m feeling peckish. If you need any more help with the recipe or ingredient quantities just drop me a line.


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