Why I Don’t Support Black Friday

If you know me, you will know three things:

1. I am British

This means that Black Friday is the absolute worst for me. Traditionally it is the sale following Thanksgiving in America, which makes absolutely no sense if you don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. The equivalent for the UK is the Boxing Day sales but I dislike those too. Sales are generally just an opportunity to acquire more stuff usually that you don’t even need. The majority of sales I’ve come across in last few years is just an opportunity to sell off old or hard to shift stock; so are you really getting a bargain?

2. I run a small business

Black Friday puts small/micro businesses like my own under a great deal of pressure as customers now expect deals and offers as it is the norm from the big companies. It’s important to remember that if a small business offers these deals then they are most likely cutting into their usually tight profit margin and putting themselves under extra stress from the increase in orders. Personally, I am not so keen on small businesses offering traditional (eg. percentage off) sales at all as I believe we should be making a living wage from our craft; whatever that may be. I have done them a couple of times in the past but at quiet times when sales were slow. It is worrying if shops are having a sale at the start of peak Christmas shopping season.

My suggestion for small business who want to reward shoppers but can’t afford to offer big deals. Consider a small discount for purchasing multiple items or offering to gift box/ gift wrap over a certain value to encourage higher value orders. It also adds in that human element with a personal touch which is the unique selling point of most small businesses.

3. I’m a minimalist

I like a clear, tidy house which in turn helps me have a clear, tidy mind. The best way I have found is to keep my surroundings clutter free, clearing out useless bits and bobs weekly. I’m not a huge fan of trinkets and prefer to only surround myself with useful or beautiful items. I have a favourite quote by William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” You can download a printable version of this quote to hang in your home or share on social media below.

William Morris Quote - Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

There is likely to be a tendency to buy more ‘stuff’ if it is deemed to be going cheap or is a flash sale, it is hardwired in us to acquire and stockpile stuff for a ‘rainy day’ but in reality this doesn’t really apply to modern life anymore. I now shop more consciously; asking myself will this item be useful, will it bring me (or the recipient) joy. I respect the small businesses who cannot afford to offer big discounts but will create something with much care. I urge others to buy unique Christmas gifts from a friend’s Etsy shop or a Facebook group, supporting a neighbour in their homemade cakes venture. It is likely those gifts will be much more appreciated and it will mean the world to those small business owners too.

I sell small, affordable but most importantly useful products that make the perfect present to yourself or someone else and for that I am proud. Every item I make is designed, manufactured, quality checked, wrapped and dispatched by me and no one else. You can visit my website www.clarise-crafts.co.uk, I won’t be having a Boxing Day sale but I do have a rewards scheme for loyal customers so make sure you sign up to that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Black Friday, whether you are a shopper or a small business owner.

If you would like to download this quote to display in your home then I have created this FREE A4 PRINTABLE, you could even print it smaller to fit your frame or feel free to pin the quote to your Pinterest board or share via Instgram, Twitter or Facebook.

Free Printable Quote Print For Your Home - William Morris Quote - Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful - Clarise Crafts


  1. Hear hear! As a small business owner, I agree on all counts. I recently had an end of line clearance sale to raise funds for materials for workshops I’m hosting. The sale went well but I stupidly offered an original at a very low price and several people ended up pre-ordering it. So now I’m under immense pressure to get those made when in reality I’ll be earning a pittance for them! That’s my fault though (good old cash flow) and I’m certain if I’d offered the piece at a higher price, I would’ve had just as many orders and not have put myself under so much stress. Why? Because people like to buy handmade! I think they like the warm fuzzy glow they get when they support an indie business. I know when I’ve bought something I didn’t really need from Amazon on Black Friday in the past I’ve felt kinda dirty… That won’t be happening this year!!
    Another great blog from you x

    I saw this lovely post about mindful gift giving from Snapdragon – you might like it too: https://www.snapdragononline.co.uk/news/blog/my-tactics-for-choosing-gifts-when-everyone-has-too-much/


    1. I have no issues with an end of line clearance, I think way to clear your head (and your studio) of stock you will no longer be selling. Glad to hear you won’t be tempted by the Amazon event this year, think I’ll be deleting the app myself. I just don’t need anything but the temptation is always there.


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