Goal Setting for 2018

I know it’s late but happy 2018! I haven’t done a blog post since just before Christmas mainly because I haven’t really felt the inspiration to write, I’ll blame it on Winter! I don’t really like the idea of setting new year resolutions as you are almost setting yourself up for a failure but there are a number of things I would like to achieve this year so if I write them down it might stop me from giving in too quickly.

1. Sticking to a simple diary and not giving up half way through the year because it doesn’t look as pretty as I think it should (and to stop looking on Pinterest for journal inspiration!)

2. Putting pen to paper. I want to flex those drawing muscles a bit but again, I have held back in the past because I would start and give up when it wasn’t as pretty/ perfect as I wanted. I’ve splashed out on a few nice plain sketchbooks and have been using black pen only to do quick botanical doodles, so far it has been working out and I’m about 2/3rds through my first sketchbook and have only pulled out 3 pages so far.

3. Nourishing the mind and body with good food. This has been a work in progress for the last year or so and I want to continue. I want to buy more fresh produce and cut out any processed products completely. I want to eat as naturally and healthily as possible as much of the time as possible. This year I have been practising with lots of new recipes such as homemade granola.

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

4. Being mindful about purchases. This was another thing I started last year but I slipped a few times and shopped at H&M only to find I hated the items after wearing them once or twice. I have updated my wardrobe with all new luxury hangers and colour coordinated it to bring the clothes I already have to life and respect them in the hope that I love them and they last for longer. No more heaps of scrunched up things in the bottom of the wardrobe.

5. Simplify my workflow to give me more free time to enjoy life. This is a tricky one as being self employed is unpredictable! However, I think I should respect the fact I have the opportunity to design my own life and taking time off is not something to feel guilty about.

I realise that my goals are mainly personal ones rather than business ones. Of course I have things planned for Clarise Crafts but I don’t want to give anything away too soon so you will just have to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you want to stay in the loop. Do you have any plans for this year and beyond? How do you feel about goal setting? Would love to hear your thoughts… 

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