Horsforth Photo Walk

I’m not sure if it was the fact it was sunny and warm when I woke up this morning or the fact that I have been enjoying my copy of the new book ‘Hashtag Authentic‘ by Sara Tasker but I was feeling enthusiastic about taking the camera out for a walk.

There is an amazing amount of interesting paths and trails very close to where I live and I set out to find something different. Here are a few of the images that were all taken around Horsforth, Leeds. We started at the Peace Garden as we had an errand to run first then walked down by the river, incredible to think that the ring road passed right above us at one point!

When it comes to photography, I often find myself in a bit of a bubble. I’m so focused on getting the perfect ‘grid’ shot for my business on Instagram that I forget to see anything else. The low February light was producing some amazing effects through the shadows which I was keen to capture even if it meant breaking some traditional photography rules.

This photo was taken by my partner @andy_j_marshall, you should check out his instagram but only if you really like mountain bikes!

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