Build A Dream Business on Pinterest – part one

Hands up who loves Pinterest? Now keep those hands up if you enjoy pinning those dream homes, how about your dream wardrobe or maybe even your dream wedding?

Now imagine you can pin your dream business.

We’re all guilty of wasting a few hours being drawn into the wonderful world of Pinterest but I imagine most small business owners don’t know how powerful it can actually be for your business. Yes, it’s awesome for finding and collating inspiration but did you know it can actually draw traffic to your website and help you find customers?

I’ve been a keen ‘pinner’ for years but only in the last 12-18 months have I really started to recognise it as a business resource. I’d just like to mention that I am not paid or sponsored by Pinterest or any other brand mentioned in this post. Everything is my own opinions and experiences. The fundamental thing I learnt that completely changed my mindset is that Pinterest is a search engine and NOT a social media. I know, mind blown! It makes sense once you think about it but as it so often gets lumped with Facebook, Instagram and all the others it’s easy to forget how unique it is.

A snapshot from my gift wrapping board

At the beginning of last year I spent the quieter days huddled around my computer watching all the videos learning the best practices, taking notes and making a plan of action to get the most from this underrated platform. It really didn’t feel like work though as Pinterest is so visual and fun and I’ll be the first to admit I’m the nerd that enjoys a bit of extra homework!

Pinterest is constantly evolving and it is something that requires some commitment, as with social media but it really doesn’t have to be a chore if you create a routine for yourself. You do get out what you put in though so if you decide Pinterest needs to be a part of your life then commit and don’t set it up and neglect it.

Last year they introduced a number of new features including statistics for business accounts. I’ll admit I did become a little obsessed whilst I was learning about Pinterest and at the peak I was getting half a million monthly viewers to my pins which is just crazy. Since then it has settled at a more manageable 250-300K. There are sometimes peaks and troughs through out the year such as when searches increase for seasonal items. Having these monthly viewers is a nice guideline to how well your account it performing but views don’t equal £ in the bank so for me, it was the amount of traffic that was being drawn to my Etsy store. 87% of all my traffic via social sources is Pinterest with 6% coming via Facebook and 5% from Instagram. It’s nearly impossible to know how many of those people actually purchased but clearly people are interested enough to click through so more traffic usually equates to more sales.

It is a little heartbreaking to realise how much effort I put into creating content for Instagram and Facebook yet it is such a small percentage of traffic compared to Pinterest which requires quite minimal effort but the reality is, that Pinterest is where my potential customers are hanging out and imagine how awesome it could be if I directed my attention to them?

A graph from my Etsy Statistics showing social media sources.

That’s not to say that what works for me and my business may not work for everyone but I thought it would be fair to share my Pinterest routine and hopefully bring back a bit of love for this often ignored platform.

Part 2 of this Pinterest guide is now live and features some very practical and useful information that you can implement.

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