Build A Dream Business on Pinterest – part two

I hope you have all had a chance to read though Part 1 of my post on Pinterest by now. I didn’t want to overwhelm with too much information all at once so split it into the theory and the practical. Please be aware that that is only my own personal experiences with Pinterest and what works for me, may be different for you and your business. I have not been paid by Pinterest or any other company mentioned in the blog.

My Guide to Pinterest Best Practices

PROFILE – Setting up your profile correctly is the first step. You need to choose a Business account over a personal one if you want access to analytics and business features. Have you website (or Etsy shop) connected as well as lots of lovely keywords in the description. Make sure you keep it readable and don’t just have a string of key words. if possible try to have a short description in your name too if it is not obvious what you do from your business name alone. There is a character limit on names but there seems to be more characters allowed if you edit on a desktop rather than the app.

COVER PHOTO – One of the new features is the introduction of a dynamic cover photo. You don’t choose a static image or slideshow like on Facebook or Twitter but instead it will constantly update. You can choose it to only show pins from a specific board or from all boards. I personally have it set to all pins for a bit of diversity and because I curate my content so they always look good next to each other and maintain that brand consistency.

Dynamic cover photo – I pin botanicals and paper crafts a lot!

BOARDS – Set up a range of relevant boards. If you had been using it personally then you will likely need to archive or delete anything non relevant. Don’t forget you can use secret boards for stuff you want to pin but don’t want the public to see, its worth remembering that Pinterest will still suggest pins in your feed related to secret boards but NOT archived boards. Name your boards something which people are likely to search for and don’t do anything creative with the titles such as putting a space between individual letters. Remember to fill in the board description to help with SEO (search engine optimisation) and whilst you are there set a nice pin as a board cover so that it looks nice and neat on your profile. In page settings you can choose up to 5 boards to feature at the top of your overview page and it’s worth choosing boards which feature the most amount of your own content to highlight.

My featured boards based on what performs well with my audience.

PINS – It is possible to upload unique pins but save yourself the effort and Pin directly from your website or Etsy shop if it is products you are trying to sell. There are various plugins you can install on your browser so you can batch pins and even schedule them so you can spread it out over a few days/weeks. I use Tailwind to do this as it is an official partner of Pinterest. You can also pin the same pin multiple times across various boards or set it to loop pins. It is especially useful for products which fit numerous categories or are seasonal.

CONSISTENCY – If you only take away one bit of information from this post is to pin regularly! Pinterest loves fresh content and the algorithm works by testing the first 5 pins of the day with a batch of your followers and if they are popular then it will spread those pins to a wider audience. For this reason I try to post at least 5 pins per day but I usually stick to less than 10 so I’m not bombarding followings which can be a turn off. I also pin to a mix of boards to keep the content diverse and interesting. I do however focus a bit more on something if it is seasonal, for example I am trying to pin Father’s day content at the moment as that is the next calendar event that people are searching for.

My own pins just added to my Father’s Day board

FOLLOWERS – I try to not to focus on my follower count too much as it is doesn’t seem as vital as on social media platforms. Following others is really important though, but try to stick to high quality accounts that are pinning relevant content regularly. The follower feed is a new feature which shows you followers pins in chronological order and sits alongside the regular algorithmic feed. If you follow the right people then it will be easy to search out the right sort of content you should be pinning too.

A snapshot of my ‘follower’ feed showing a diverse range of content

SOURCES – When you are pinning the content of others be sure to check the sources. Nobody likes a dead link or a link to something irrelevant or worse, inappropriate. It is also worth having a quick check of the caption on the image to make sure it is also relevant.

QUALITY – As with anything you share publicly in connection with your business, make sure that it best represents you. Use good quality images and make sure your links all link back to the correct places. Always check what you are sharing adds value and is authentic to your brand.

ANALYTICS – I’ve not had a chance to get to grips with the new analytics fully yet as they have just made some more significant changes which were only in Beta testing previously. I like how on The Audience Insights breaks down the content that your audience is searching for. It is fairly obvious that the majority of users are female and searching for things relating to crafts, family, events etc. but it would be interesting to see insights from a different type of business to mine such as a food or fashion business so see the difference in audience. There is a link to see the insights relating to ‘all Pinterest users’ so I will be sure to update once I have had a chance to delve into this further.

The new audience insights panel

CONTENT – Finally, make the most of your lovely content! You don’t need to create brand new content for every platform, that way madness lies. If you post something on social media, set up a link so that it sends those posts automatically to a board. (I use IFTTT to help me with this!). My business board with content only from social media gets the best interaction, I can then use the content from there and spread it further to other relevant boards. If you are pinning direct from a website or Etsy shop and the listing has multiple photos, pin them all! Close ups, lifestyle shots, packaging, the more diverse the better. You have invested so much precious time into creating your content why not get as much out of it as you can.

That’s it, my best tips for building your dream business through Pinterest whilst only investing a few minutes a day! I’d love to see some links to your Pinterest accounts so feel free to follow me on there and send me a message if you’d like some feedback.

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